Projects - current and future

Current Projects

NEW BOOK MANUSCRIPT: What Kind of Future Will Our Children Inherit?

Lived Experience with Public Mental Health Services and Online Social Work Student Success

"We Live Here" - Strengthening community relationships through identity stories

Evidence-Based Panhandling

Educational Stipend and Training Program—Integrated Behavioral Health, Substance Use Disorder, and Primary Care

Naloxone (Narcan) training and distribution

Future Projects (funding needed)

“How do they do it?”—Opioid users stepping away from problematic use

“So sorry I’m sick”—Blame, guilt, shame, and the individualization of health and illness

“All My Relations”—Apology, reparation, and repatriation of land and sacred objects

Intellectual Humility and Prosocial Professional Practice

Strengthening Compassion in the Homeless Services Workforce

Manifesto for Ethical Research in Northwestern California