Dr. Samuel P. Oliner

Sam Oliner

Sam Oliner (Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley) is an Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Humboldt State University and Founder of the Altruistic Personality and Prosocial Behavior Institute. He has authored many publications on the Holocaust, altruism and prosocial behavior, and race and ethnic relations in the national and international context.  He has appeared on numerous national television shows and has lectured widely in the US and several other countries on the topic of rescuers of Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe.

His books include

  • Altruism Intergroup Apology, Forgiveness, Reconciliation (Paragon House, 2008, Sam Oliner with assistance by Piotr Olaf Zylicz)
  • Narrow Escapes: Childhood Memories of the Holocaust and Their Legacy, (St. Paul, MN 2000)
  • Who Shall Live: The Wilhelm Bachner Story (Chicago: Academy Publishers, 1996, co-author Kathleen Lee)
  • Toward a Caring Society: Ideas Into Action (Wesport, Conn: Praeger, 1995, co-author Pearl M. Oliner)
  • Restless Memories: Recollections of the Holocaust Years (Berkeley, CA: Judah L. Magnes Museum, 1979, 1986)
  • The Altruistic Personality: Rescuers of Jews in Nazi Europe (New York: Free Press 1988, co-author, Pearl M. Oliner).

His co-edited works include

  • Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: A Global Perspective (Kendall/Hunt Publishing, 1997, co-editor Phillip T. Gay)
  • Embracing the Other: Philosophical, Psychological and Historical Perspectives on Altruism (New York: New York University Press, 1993, editor, Pearl M. Oliner, Samuel P. Oliner, Lawrence Baron, Lawrence A. Blum, Dennis L. Krebs, and M. Zuzanna Smolenska).

Professor Oliner, in collaboration with Professor Jerrald Krause, completed a research project dealing with rural race and ethnic relations. Titled "Tolerance and Intolerance in Rural America", the project was funded by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. He is currently working on a forthcoming book, Do Unto Others: Extrodinary Acts of Ordinary People. This research project explores the motivations of heroes in a variety of settings.

Professor Oliner has done extensive research mapping out definitions of altruism. Highlights of this work are featured here.

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