What Kind of Future Will We Inherit?

Over the years, with great contribution of my students and research associates, I have done a review of the literature of psychology, ethics, ecology, climatology and other areas of study which consider what direction our world is going and what kind of future our children will inherit. My previous work focused on the nature of good and evil, with concern especially for goodness, through which we have considered the application of good to achieve a better world (The Altruistic Personality, 1988; Toward a Caring Society, 1995; Do Unto Others, 2003; The Nature of Good and Evil, 2011). My previous books concerned altruism, kindness, empathy, and moral responsibility for diverse others. In this book I will concentrate on the areas of greatest concern to scholars and myself regarding our future as a species.

2The Nature of Goodness and Evil
3Heroic Christian Rescuers of Jews: Why Did They Do It?
4The Unsung Jewish Heroes of the Holocaust
5Status of Women
6Climate Change
7Population Growth and Hunger
8War and Violence
9Elimination of Suffering
10Genocide and Holocaust
11Intergroup Apology and Forgiveness
13Teaching Ethics